Sunday, June 28, 2015

You can't keep a good woman down

We cycled today from Lagos to Sagres, the most southerly and western part of Portugal, and the end of our cycle through the Algarve.

Vince, Jean, Claude and Isabelle left early, and Phil, Wes, Diane, Marie-Eve and I left a little later. We cycled along beautiful back roads, through lovely countryside, then we came to a golf course where the cycle path led to a dirt road.

Given our earlier experience we decided to skirt the dirt road, and we found a lovely, smooth ribbon of asphalt that skirted the golf course, where nothing could seemingly go wrong.

Of course, thats not the way life works. About 100 meters into this lovely, smooth safe path there was a speed bump, easy to traverse, but Marie-Eve tried to avoid it, by steering away from the speed bump to the edge of the road. Unfortunately she steered off the road, onto the shoulder which was depressed about 9 inches, and when she tried to steer back onto the road she crashed, and ended up sprawled across the middle of the road:

But you can't keep a good woman down, she got up, dusted herself off, was later fixed up by Serge (our EMT technician) and spent a great day cycling the hills of Algarve!

A bit bloodied and bruised, but strong and proud

First Aid in the Algarve

Marie-Eve, after her post-crash ascent of a huge hill (20% grade!)

Happy bikers, after the fall!
You can't keep a good woman down!

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