Monday, June 22, 2015

Together in Isla Cristina

We are all here, Wes, Vince, Jean Roy, Denis Claude Roy and Diane and their son and daughter, Claude, Serge, Isabel, Maryse and me, in Isla Cristina, about 10 km from the border with Portugal. Tomorrow we hit the road!

Vince, Wes, Maryse and I took the train from Madrid to Huelva in the south of Spain. We then had a tapas lunch at De Huelva Sabores, beside the train station,  with Manuel, the taxi driver we hired to take us to Isla Christina, about 45 km away. We ate dinner on the beach and welcomed the arrival of our other guests.

Vince and Manuel

A scene from Madrid, matrons at the Prado

Serge and Isabel 

Tomorrow we ride in Portugal.

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