Thursday, June 4, 2015

When you get good advise, take it!

As we were leaving Marennes this morning, we came upon the following very good advice:

Oysters are everywhere:

Oyster beds

Oysters on a boat

Marennes calls itself the City of Oysters, am I becoming oyster obsessed?

We cycled down the coast through the Forêt de la Courbe, which was spectacular. The cycling path was a ribbon of asphalt with forest on both sides, running perhaps 100 meters east of a very wild coast. At one point, we stopped and walked across the sand dunes and were rewarded with a beautiful view.

I'm cycling on Velo 1! 

We then came through beautiful seaside towns like Sainte-Palais sur Mer,  and arrived in Royan, where we had a lovely dinner by the sea, including, guess what? Great oysters!

Tomorrow we take a ferry across the Gironde Estuary to Gironde, and then continue south to Medoc and its vineyards.

It's been an interesting journey so far, it's not yet high season so there aren't a lot of tourists, but there are cyclists we meet on the path and it's always interesting to talk about where people are coming from and going to.

A trip like this makes us realize that life is a journey. It's important to see things and do things every day, to make the most of life, to cherish the time we are given and in my case, the gift of the time I have been given.

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