Monday, June 8, 2015

A Quiet Forest

It's a beautiful morning in France, it is sunny and starting to get warm, and I am dictating this from the middle of a forest on my bike (thanks to Valene for typing it through the wonder of modern technology), and all I can hear are birds and I can feel the sunlight filtering through the trees. This isn't just a cycling trip for me, or a way to raise money, it's much more than that. It's a celebration of life itself, a thanksgiving for how fortunate I have been, and how grateful I am to science, to my family, to my doctors and nurses.

The cycling path I am on is almost deserted, maybe every kilometer or two I might see somebody, or sometimes not, but I am not alone. I am with everyone in my life, all of those who have helped me, including generations of researchers and scientists who toiled so I can live, because in the end life is bigger than us, and that's why we need to do more, as much as we can, to build, to help, and to give. In my own way, I hope to do that, and you can help too. Please support our research chair at

After my wonderful ride in the forest, we arrived at Mimizan Plage, another nice beachside resort, where we had a nice lunch and cycled almost to Contis Plage, a little further down the coast - except that we had 2 flats, live is unpredictable, especially on the road. 

Topless in Mimizan!

The beach at Mimizan

We are spending the evening in Mimizan Bourg (a lot of places have both beach towns and towns further inland bearing the same name, all in the same aggregated municipality), where we are at a bed and breakfast owned by an old couple. So far our trip has been great, lots of fun and adventure. 

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