Friday, June 26, 2015

Life is beautiful

Portugal (or at least the Algarve in southern Portugal) is just a fabulous place. The scenery is beautiful, the people are great, it’s not to built-up or developed, and it’s really in a stage of relatively early tourism compared to places like the south of France. It’s also inexpensive and the food is terrific, especially the fish and the chicken. We have feasted on grilled fish and seafood every night, and on my bicycle in today, I cycled past a small chicken take-out place, and I was so overcome by the wonderful odors I slammed on my brakes and bought some chicken which we ate on the sidewalk. It was fabulous.

My son Phil, cycling with me to Carvoeiro

My chicken lunch!

Look what we shared a round-about with!

Tonight we are staying at Tivoli Carvoeiro, which is perched up on a cliff on the ocean. The reception area is on the fifth floor on the street, and to go to the pool and ocean you go down to the first floor and then need to walk down the very steep set of stairs to the ocean. This is the view was you walk out of the first floor of the hotel looking over the swimming pool. It is, in a word, spectacular. There is a cave that you can walk into at low tide and swim into at high tide. This is truly a spectacular place.

Phil and Marie-Eve Roy, Denis-Claude's daughter

The view from the top of the cliff

The cycling has been reasonably good, not as developed or fine-tuned as in France, and there are areas where there are gravel roads which you have to navigate, which is doable, although small secondary roads are also options. All in all, just a wonderfully beautiful experience, which makes me realize every minute of every day how lucky I am to be alive.

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