Saturday, June 13, 2015

Checking out the Algarve

There is not much to report today, so the blog is short.

We drove down to the Algarve in Portugal to check out the cycling, We are now in Quarteira, near Faro, on the Ocean, and it looks very nice. Today was cool and windy, but tomorrow should be nicer, I hope,  and we will cycle again.

For those of you who like seafood platters (and I know I talk a lot about food) you need to try the platter #1 at SoleMar, it is stupendous:

Then, with dessert (mango mousse, and a date and chocolate tart), we had, of course, a nice glass of Porto; When in Portugal, do like the Portuguese!

Its really nice to be here, and I am really lucky to be alive and strong. If you haven't done so, please make a tax-deductable donation to our research chair, and help others,  at, thanks.

PS - We arrived for dinner around 8pm, a decent time to eat dinner - and I worked on my blog (and some emails) while eating, and posted it around 9,30 pm . Once we finished eating dinner, around 10,15, I stayed in the restaurant sending emails asking people to donate. It's now 11,30 pm and the restaurant is still full and people are still arriving. Its bed time for me, but suppertime for the Portuguese!

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