Thursday, June 25, 2015

Good day on the road

Things went well today. 

The cycle from Quarteria to just past Albuferia went really well, a smooth route, along smaller roads, country paths and cycling trails. It  was beautiful and easy, particularly compared to yesterday. There were nice things to see on the way, including the village and marina at Vilamoura, the town of Albufeira and ocean vistas at Armacao de Pero where we are staying for the night. 

It's a wonderful little seaside town, we walked tonight to an Oceanside  restaurant and even when walking back around midnight, there was much life along the seashore, including small children still awake and having fun. 

The Algarve is wonderful, Full of unexpected surprises. As we were reaching Albufeira we came across a small stand at the side of the road selling oranges, a large bag for two euros. I asked the woman at the stand if I could simply have an orange or two which we proceeded to cut up and eat on the spot, at first she refused to charge me anything. Only when I ordered orange juice as well did she accept some money. The oranges and the juice were the best we've ever had, another unexpected pleasure of the Algarve.

A mystery biker, soon to be featured in the Many Face of *** (Vol 2)

We had a lovely lunch on the Ocean and Dr  Denis-Claude Roy from HMR gave Dr Jean Roy and I very special HMR bike shirts, quite an honor:

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