Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wayne's adieu (and we will miss him)

Here are a couple of thoughts for my adieu, as well as a few photos from today.

Well as all good things do ultimately come to an end, such is the case for my part of Bill’s celebration of life ride. We have had 8 great days of adventure and discovery, 7 of which were on our bikes cycling across Germany and (today) Austria.

The scenery has been spectacular, as Bill has very capably reported daily on his blog. More importantly was the time I got to spend with Bill as we rode together for hours on end, enjoyed a few beers and a number of meals together and generally got to know each other a little better, in this serene setting.

We savoured the two days of sunny weather and nudged each other along on the cool, rainy days. We worked together to figure out how to find our way back to the trail when our detours became extended. We laughed at our navigational blunders and never chided each other except in jest.

Bill has been a rock on this ride. While I have only cycled for 7 days, Bill now has 4 weeks of cycling done, with only a couple of days off. His endless enthusiasm for this cause, his disciplined insistence that he cannot miss a day of posting to the blog, no matter what time of night or how tired he is, is inspirational.

This will be a trip that I will remember for the rest of my days, of which I hope there will be many.

I also had the opportunity to make two new friends – Serge Savard and Claude Lamarre. I will miss them both and will be thinking with envy of them and Bill every day as they complete the celebration of life ride.

Adieu mes amis – may you have a wonderfull last two weeks on the trails to the Black Sea.

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