Sunday, May 30, 2010

The many faces of Wes

I met Wes Voorheis in 2003 when he began managing some important litigation in which I was counsel, and before long our relationship became one of friendship and respect. On my 50th birthday, when I was lying in the hospital on chemotherapy, my life hanging in the balance, it was Wes and my partner and friend Cara Cameron who brought me a birthday lunch - it brightened an otherwise grim day - it's not a lot of fun having a birthday on a cancer ward, particularly when you believe it will be your last. The lunch he and Cara brought was a gesture of kindness which I have not forgotten.

Imagine my joy therefore when Wes told me he would meet me in Vienna with his lovely daughter Anne to cycle with me to Budapest. His presence here has been very special, a lovely sequel to our lunch in the hospital, and I thought I would celebrate our friendship with my photos of the many faces of Wes, and what better starting point than Wes with his dear (and playful and sometimes embarassed by her father - just like all kids) daughter:

We had such fun with cycling Wes, and as you can see from the last photo below, even the ducks wanted to part of the fun:

and let`s not forget jet lagged, or tired or exhausted Wes, the body may have tired, but the spirit never dimmed:

and Wes was always thinking, his mind working, even when just sitting on the sidewalk:

and then there was Wes on the Budapest subway, he even befriended the ticket checker and borrowed his official armband!

and we enjoyed great meals together (especially when Wes paid), and even just waiting for a table (that's Wes, looking dapper in his red shirt) or strolling around:

but most importantly we all shared this journey as friends.


Wes, thanks for being here, life would not be the same without you.

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