Saturday, May 22, 2010

Guess who's coming to dinner

New riders have joined the pack. My partner Vince Mercier, my friend Wes Voorheis and his lovely daughter Anne, and my dear wife Maryse arrived in Vienna today, and so did their bikes except for Vince's. So we asked ourselves, what do you give a guy to make him forget he doesn't have a bike -- and the answer has four letters, starts with a B and you can get plenty of it at a Brauhaus:

Tomorrow I take a day off the bike, we will look around Vienna, do a little visiting, a lot of eating (as usual), and hopefully be energized for Monday morning when we hop on our bikes (including Vince, we hope) and head to Bratislava, then to Budapest (350 kms plus any detours).

This morning Claude and I pedalled from Tulln to Vienna, the first part of the ride was lovely hills sloping down to the water, with villages lining the way and castles perched on high.

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