Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our day in Vienna

Vienna is spectacular, a treasure trove of elegance. We spent the day taking in the sights, the sounds, and the tastes of this timeless jewel. Here are some pictures from today, they speak more eloquently than a thousand words.

Tomorrow its on to Slovenia then Hungary. After having cycled 2,000 kms it the home stretch, accompanied by Maryse and friends, what could be better.

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  1. Hi Bill, Maryse and Everyone on board,

    Terrific pictures of this fantastic musical Mecca. Wish I could be your musical tour guide! You've probably seen inscribed in the walls of the buildings the names of the composers who lived there and the pieces they wrote while they lived there; i.e.: Mozart: Zauberflöte; Beethoven VII. Symphonie; Brahms III; Strauss: Elektra; etc. Hope you can take in a concert or an opera. Enjoy the Prater amusement park: huge deal! So glad you're enjoying it at this time of year.

    How was the Café Sacher???