Monday, April 26, 2010

Two of my doctors and me

Today we were joined by Dr Denis-Claude Roy, also a hemotologist and researcher at HMR, and his wife Diane. We all cycled together along the Loire, from Orleans past Sandillon, Jargeau, Chateauneuf sur Loire, St-Benoit sur Loire, Sully sur Loire to Gien, a little over 80kms in all, down country roads, past vast fields of mustard, and villages which have existed for a thousand years. It seems that down every road is a quaint village, a marvellous chateau or church or an incredible vista, some of which are below.

Being with two of the doctors who treated me, and saved my live, is very special - until my illness I never realized how extraordinary they are,  completely devoted to their patients and saving lives, working hard and long to help us all. They deserve your support and generosity.

The response to our ride has been fabulous, people we meet along the way are interested, people at home are contributing, and the french media have picked up the story. If you haven`t already done so, please contribute


  1. Bonne journée : la canicule s'annonce pour demain.

    N'étant pas anglophone, j'ai essayé la traduction de l'article avec LiveSearch

    Voilà ce que ça donne :
    "Deux de mes médecins et me

    Aujourd'hui, nous avons rejoint par M. Denis-Claude Roy, également un hemotologist et chercheur au HMR et sa femme, Diane. Nous sommes tous redémarrés ensemble le long de la Loire ..."

  2. Deux Roy (du vélo) en tenue d'apparat devant un château, quelle belle image!
    Encore bravo.