Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Gorgeous Day - all 101 kilometers!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, sunny and the high was 29, with just enough of a wind to keep us cool. I cycled past Tours, 101 kms in total and we stopped for the night in Amboise, home of the Chateau Royal. The scenery is spectacular, we rolled past fields of flowers and vinyards and along the banks of the Loire. We are eating like kings,  I  can't resist the boulangères-pâtissières along the way,  in every village we pass. Thankfully I burn it off.  I feel great, no fatigue, in fact I have been getting stronger by the day.

Dr Jean Roy and his wife have arrived in Orleans I am going to start early,  Serge will pick them up and they will meet me en route.

If you haven't already done so please use the link above to make an on-line tax deductable donation to the Fund for Education and Research on Blood Cancers - it will help save lives.

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  1. Good morning William

    After you left the studio last week, Barrie told me your story and I was impressed with your decision of biking in Europe for a cause close to your heart....

    I have always said....we can change the world, it is done by one person at a time.....and you are one of those Mr.Brock....

    Bravo William et bonne chance....
    Doris de Champlain