Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Saint-Nazaire, France

We made it to Paris, on the first flight out of Montreal after the volcano! We then drove 400 kms  to Saint Nazaire, a town on the Atlantic coast and the start of Velo 6. Saint-Nazaire is also the home of World War 2 German U-boat pens, with 20 foot thick reinforced concrete walls and roofs - quite the sight - and a stark reminder of Europe 70 years ago.

We were warmly greeted on our arrival by Lorène and Marie at the Holiday Inn, the best place in town, we then unpacked our bikes, toured the U-boat pens,  took a warm up ride, then had a sumptuous seafood feast at Le Skipper - fuel for tomorrow, when the real fun begins. The weather is supposed to be nice for the rest of the week, it was sunny and 22° C today,  perfect cycling weather. 

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  1. Bill,

    Best wishes for a great ride and congratulations on your efforts for an excellent cause.

    Max Mendelsohn