Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Glorious Day on the Loire

Serge and I cycled a little over 85K today, mostly country paths on the shore of the Loire, either paved or very hard packed - no problem for our road bikes. We are now at an auberge (Le Cavier) near Angers, on the site of an old and perfectly preserved / restored grain mill. The scenery today was beautiful, the broad but shallow Loire, Chateaus perched on the shores or up high, picturesque villages - plenty to see and eat. Life is wonderful, and I'm supremely fortunate to be living it. If you haven't already given, please do so at the link above, and if you are still not sure you want to, read the entry from Dr Jean Roy below. Please.


  1. Looks beautiful - warn Serge to stay away from the pastries if he wants to keep his girlish figure!! ;-)

  2. Keep it up, Einstein: the Candian contingent at Harvard College, the grad school and HLS are cheering!

    Wish I could by cycling with you guys but the end of the semester is upon us.

    Eat all you can: you'll keep trim just by cycling!