Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Best

This has been an incredible voyage, full of adventure, discovery, the joy of effort, friendship, celebration and thanksgiving.

Tomorrow we go home, and in the spirit of the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, I leave you with what I hope is at least 50,000 words:

My travel-mates and friends:

Jean-Michel, our oyster expert

Don Manuel, and his sheep

Our obstacle course in the Algarve

My son Phil

Wes and Claude


My doctors and I

Vince "the speedster"

Denis-Claude and his daughter Marie-Eve

and the places and sights:

Velo 1 on the coast of France

Vineyards in Bordeaux

The beauty of Saint Emilion

A quiet forest

The beauty of the Algarve

Climbing out of Salema

The end of the Earth

A legacy from the Moors

and Eiffel's protege

and the spills:

and thrills:

and of course, no trip with me is complete without the food:

The famous Pata Negra

Seafood Platter!! 

Great Tapas

Super Brock

Grilled Fish in the Algarve 

Vince, our Sommelier

The best Oranges

The best chicken

The best Port!

The very best Natas

A fabulous trip for a great cause, please help us at: