Friday, April 15, 2011

Faces of Leukemia - my new book project!

I had intended my last posting, entitled Home, to be my final post on this blog.

I would however like to tell you about my latest project, a book to be entitled Faces of Leukemia, portraits and contributions by survivors of leukemia and other blood cancers  - here is a link to 12 sample pages: - it is a large file (over 25MB), it may take time to load, and you need to wait for the whole file to load before you can go from page to page – you should be able to view 12 pages.

Faces of Leukemia will be a book about hope and survival. It will feature 40-50 leukemia (or blood cancer) survivors, and the doctors, nurses and researchers involved on the front lines of the battle against this terrible disease - I am taking the photographs with a friend of mine who is also a survivor. If you would like to see other photos I have taken for my book (which I hope will be complete in about a year), see

I am producing Faces of Leukemia to raise awareness of the life saving work being done in the battle against leukemia and other blood cancers, to assist in our fund-raising efforts for the Fund for Education and Research into Blood Cancers (which I helped to form after my recovery 5 years ago from acute leukemia), and perhaps most importantly, to give hope to, and inspire patients who are struggling to survive, and their families.

I believe Faces of Leukemia will be a real game changer for patients and their families in a time of great need. I know what it is like to receive such a grim diagnosis, and how much examples of survival, and return to normal and healthy life, can inspire, and support the will to fight hard to live.

Let me know if you know someone who might be interested in apprearing in my book, or if you would like  contribute to the Fund for Education and Research into Blood Cancers, I would be pleased to provide you with the coordinates for a donation - you can email me at

Thanks, together we can beat leukemia.

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